Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Finding Fresh herbs in the winter

We have had an extremely cold winter, but there have been unseasonably warm periods as well which has led to having more fresh herbs from my garden than normal.
I lose rosemary every year, whether i bring it indoors or leave out and this year, i left it out and have been enjoying it regularly.
I have been turned off by rosemary in the past, mostly because it was presented so that it was an overpowering flavor in foods, many times left as "springs".
I learned to dice it very fine and just add enough to give a hint of the beautiful flavor.
Now to the big surprises:  parsley - never has parsley ever lasted past Thanksgiving, i harvested some yesterday.
chives, really?  They last in bulb form through the harshest of winters, but the green stems still available?  This is amazing, but not as amazing as:
Oregano - again - something that lives through the winter, but it had leaves to pick for Christmas (not now after the latest 2 F cold snap, but still impressive)!
Sage - yes, sage leaves still harvest-able.
Something i never grew before and so was unsure how it would fair, but of the onion family - i still harvest leeks!

I am going back to tend my Navy bean, rosemary country ham soup for tonight!