Sunday, January 19, 2014

A staple in my house

what i cook up for every day use

Chili spice ratio
·       commercial chili powder - 5
·       cumin - 3
·       paprika - 2
·       cayenne pepper - 1
·       salt - 1

·       3 lbs ground meat 85/15 lean to fat ratio is ideal, but you can remove the fat if you use 80/20
·       1 jalapeno pepper, diced
·       1 red onion, diced
·       16 oz crushed tomatoes
·       2 beers
·       1 cup bell peppers
·       1/4 cup Joe's chili spice
·       1 teaspoon dry Chipolte peppers
·       salt to taste

Optional ingredients:
diced peppers (to increase heat, use the one you like, hottest are ghost peppers)
an additional chopped onion for a topping
shredded cheese as a topping
sour cream as a topping

Roast the chili mix spice in a separate pan at a low heat till you smell them
Brown the ground beef first - this gives you the opportunity to remove some fat
Deglaze with 1 beer
add all other ingredients except the 1 beer and bring to a simmer in a covered pot.
Cook for 2 hours
as the chili begins to dry, add the final beer and cook one more hour.

serve over rice, with corn bread, on chips, whatever you like.