Tuesday, November 26, 2013


For many years i thought of the concept of a soup or stew as coming from Northern climates,
so they were filled with root vegetables and starches, fatty meats and heavy spices.
Then i was introduced by two neighbors, one who was originally from El Salvador and the other from the Dominican Republic.  Both soups were a variation of the Dominican "San Cocho", but were served in HOT weather and both were absolutely delicious.
Yucca, corn, a variety of meats, sweet potatoes and rice were some of the components and the spicing seemed light.
I would not attempt either, though one used OX tail as the meat and i was familiar with the concept from my mom.
Closed mined no more, i might make a soup on a warm day, but often on a cold one, if for no ther reason than to warm the house from the stove.