Wednesday, June 1, 2016

grilling Chicken burgers

Chicken burgers

1 lb ground chicken (makes 3 patties)
cheese (best is either Monterrey jack slices or a Caso Blanco, crumbled)

Outer seasoning ratio (teaspoons for 1 lb of meat)
§       1 salt
§       1/4 smoked salt
§       1 sugar (i use raw sugar)
§       1 commercial chili lime seasoning
§       1/ Cumin
§       1/8 chipolte pepper (dried and ground fine)

§       1 tablespoon cilantro, minced
§       1/2 teaspoon salt
§       1 teaspoon lime juice
§       1/4 jalapeno pepper (use more for more heat)

form patties and pat dry with a paper cloth (there is a lot of moisture)
coat each patty with the outer seasoning (you might call it a rub)
Set up the grill with heat on one side
I grill and smoke this using a mesquite wood 
The internal temperature of the patty should be ~ 160 F
remove patties to the cool side of the grill
add a teaspoon of the sauce to each patty and cover with cheese
close the grill to melt the cheese
the internal temperature of the patties must be 170 F
remove and serve alone or on a bun
(i would use a cilantro mayonnaise on the bun)