Friday, June 3, 2016

a special side

i particularly dislike commercial cole slaw preparations, especially the dressings in a bottle...they have a off taste that does not seem to leave me after the meal.  This is my "cleaner" preparation and it gets great reviews from my "foodie" friends

Cole Slaw

·       ~18 oz of a blend of cabbage and carrots, shredded or diced
§       1 part green cabbage
§       1 part red cabbage
§       1 part Napa cabbage
§       1 part Savoy cabbage
§       1 part carrots
·       1 jalapeno pepper, sliced with NO seeds
·       1 tablespoon raw sugar
·       2 teaspoons salt
·       2 teaspoons black pepper
·       1/4 cup 1% milk
·       2 tablespoon lemon
·       2 tablespoons rice vinegar
·       1 cup low fat yogurt
·       1/2 cup sour cream

whisk sugar, salt, pepper, milk, vinegar, yogurt and sour cream together
prepare the cabbages and carrot according to the use
- shredded for a topping for a sandwich and diced for a stand alone side
mix every thing and refrigerate for 1 hour

drain and serve or refrigerate for latter use