Friday, September 11, 2015

Hot Dog Truck - again

One of my best memories when coming to Stamford some 30+ years ago, was a hot dog truck on Atlantic St.
I had never seen a food truck at that time, but a dollar for a hot dog with anything on it seemed like a cheap lunch (and i did not have much money at the time).
The vendor retired or moved on, i never found out, but there were no hot dog trucks for many years.
There were other trucks, some operating out of restaurants or promoting them and then an onslaught of many food trucks came, started by Melt Mobile, initially promoted by the Food Network and Bobby Flay.
I loved what they did, but i had a hankering for a hot dog truck and there were none out of the dozen or so that popped onto the food scene.

To my delight, last year a hot dog truck appeared on Washington Blvd. by the Mill River Park.
The hot dogs were more expensive than 25 years ago (2 for $5), but they filled a notch I NEEDED!
They sold a spicy sausage also.
I liked their hot dog chili and all the other standard "fixins'" that you would expect for a hot dog.
The owner and operator would be quick to tell me that the dogs are Sabrett as is the mustard, but they are good!

They are still there on good days so a shout out to something very simple!