Tuesday, September 9, 2014

failure, but only in my eye

one of the regions i enjoy using as a food inspiration is north central Europe, specifically Alsace, but occasionally, i try to tweak a well known dish and often it fails.
Such was the case yesterday, a normally beautiful dish of potatoes, onions, carrot and smoked sausage (kielbasa) that i tried to do as a grilled item.
there was no good reason for me tp try grilled, except that it is a challenge.  While I grilled each item separately, with the thought to combine them later, they dried because my fire was not hot enough (I could blame it on using a new, unfamiliar charcoal...).  There is a beautiful sauce that goes with this dish, but i became impatient and turned up the heat on my stove top and then was distracted.
moments latter, the house was filled with smoke and the sauce ruined.
The people i cook for enjoyed it anyway (there was no pizza delivery 911 call), but i could only think of what the dish should have been...sigh