Monday, August 11, 2014

hits and misses

For ages i have cooked pork ribs a certain way and they have always turned well.
I have always used baby back ribs and i use a rub and as i have said before, some rum for an overnight :flavor enhancement, but I have tried a St Louis cut twice now and they cook different.
the first time was a bit tough, but good.
The second seemed a bit dry , but feel of the bone.
The fun part is that there is extra meat that is not rib meat per say, loaded with cartilage (or white bones as my Italian friends would call it) and i made an awesome pulled pork from that.
It is strange, but i also did not like the beef short ribs i slow cooked at the same time, yet i created an awesome au jus.  This was a chemist's feat for i found the juice with too much black pepper and so i filtered it using coffee filters.  I would have preferred a buchner funnel to filter under vacuum, but do not have the set up at this time and a slow gravametric filter was just fine.  The awesome part, the black pepper flavor was minimalized and the au jus was clear!  it was beautiful to see and taste.
The pulled pork saved the day and so there was no 911 calls to the pizza joint.