Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A garden salad

I have a good abundance of fennel this year.  It is not what i see in the stores,
the base fans out instead of being a "bulb",but the stems are very edible, very delicious raw.

I have cooked with fennel before and when it is fried, it adds a slight, very faint licorice flavor, but reminds me more of a sweet onion than anything.  A person of French descent told me it was good with eggs that way and i tried it and found it was to my liking.
I have had fennel which was tougher previously and did not do much except cook with it, but this fennel is mostly tender (including the root, which i will use in a soup when the weather cools down) and is delightful raw.
Another friend told me of the wonderful flavors of rice wine vinegar and found that to my liking.

So a salad using fennel sounded good during this warm weather.

1 cup fennel stalks, diced
1 Fuji apple ( you can use your favorite apple here), diced the same size as the fennel
1 teaspoon of fresh, green, hot pepper, diced fine
1 cup chiffonade of arugula (Thin ribbons)
1 tablespoon of rice wine vinegar
mix and keep cold until serving
Salt to taste on your own plate!