Thursday, June 19, 2014

Smoking a chuck roast beef

Everyone who has a bit of knowledge about me, knows i enjoy cooking low and slow and if possible with smoke!
The hot days made me not want to cook inside so my/smoker/ grill was active, but chuck roast beef?
This is not a brisket and does not have much fat, so cooking it for 24 hours like i do a brisket would render it tough and inedible.
So my goal was a temperature internally of about 145 F - medium rare which means a higher temperature for a shorter length of time.
I wanted the flavor to be a bit traditional, so my normal beef rubs were not employed.

The rub for a 3.25 lb chuck roast of beef:
1 part salt
2 parts black pepper
1/4 part white, refined sugar.
Patted on the meat and left for a minimum of 6 hours.

The set up for the grill/smoker (which after 4 years of hard use is beginning to rust out):
a square of my wood of choice (Cherry in this case) with a hollow in the middle.
Hardwood charcoal (commercial brand).
I start the charcoal using one of those hand held starter which have paper as the starting material and the charcoal above.
Since my grill is 2 tiered, i covered the second tier with tinfoil to provide indirect heat and had a large pan of water on the first to provide moisture and still another direct heat barrier.
Add the charcoal to the center of my square and let the wood begin to catch fire.
Place the beef on the top rack with the water between it and the fire and close the grill.
I set my temperature to about 300 F (this is done by maneuvering the air intake and chimney closures in a way that i have become fairly good at).
Then i walk away only checking to insure the temperature remains at 300 F.
Large amounts of smoke are produced and the heat remains constant.
i come back in 1 and 1/2 hours to check the internal temperature of the meat...148 F
The meat is immediately removed and let rest for 20 to 30 minutes before cutting...