Thursday, April 24, 2014

That orange extract

Here are the 4 extracts of orange that the chemist in me had to go for.
left to right
1 - a sugar extract - prepared using a finely chopped "wet" zest added to granulated white sugar so it dried in the sugar.
      the flavor is complete with bright specs of super brightness in the actual zest pieces.
2 - air dried zest.  This is my main preserved zest and lasts for about 6 months in a sealed dry container.
      adding this to any preparation (savory or sweet) provide bright specs of flavor for the tongue.
3 - alcohol extract - adding 95% ethanol (190 proof grain alcohol) to finely chopped "wet" zest and let it sit.
      this has all of the sharp flavors of the orange because both the water and alcohol soluble portions of the         zest is brought into the liquid.
4 - oil extract - warm walnut oil (no flavor) was added to the zest and then let sit for 2 weeks and then strained.
     The orange notes are subtle and not sharp, but in that permeate the taste buds as an oil would

On a different note - an extraction of Capsicum from a variety of very hot peppers.
Although it is an oil, there is solubility in alcohol and warm water.