Friday, April 18, 2014

something different with lamb

The lamb i cook is from my Greek side, but it includes mint and oregano and that seems to be an unusual combination from other Greeks i have talked to, however, this is not about a Greek way, it is about something different.
I was speaking (or rather messaging) my cousin in France and asking what the tradition for Easter was with her and it was lamb.
Okay so lamb in both the cultures in my background make sense, i do not remember anything else.
Then mu cousin told me it was made with rosemary and olive oil and honey and i began salivating immediately.
The rosemary lamb i have tasted has been in the English tradition and frankly, was not good.
I also have had a huge issue with whole rosemary in dishes as they totally over power a dish.
Fortunately, at a place were i visit often, rosemary basically grows wild and i have learned to tame it.
Maundy Thursday is a lamb tradition in my house also, but with chops, not the whole leg.

Lamb with rosemary, lemon and honey

·       6 loin lamb chops
·       1/2 cup lemon juice
·       2 teaspoons of rosemary, finely minced
·       2 tablespoons honey
·       1/2 teaspoon salt
·       olive oil to coat a small 9" x 9" baking pan

coat a baking  pan with olive oil
place the lamb chops in the pan and drizzle the lemon juice on each
mix the salt a rosemary and sprinkle evenly on each chop
turn over the chops and repeat.
turn the chops over again and let sit in the refrigerator for 2 hours
drizzle the honey on top of each and let sit another hour
pre heat over to 400 F and cook the chops for 15 minutes
turn on the broiler and broil until the tops begin to crisp
          (5 minutes in my oven, but it varies)
turn the chops over and crisp the other side the same way
serve with the left over juice or make a gravy with it.