Monday, September 16, 2013

"pre" made, store bought additives

yes, i used them for very specific things, but my list is not large.
I prefer making most of my own, but there are times....

Lawry's Baja Chipolte lime marinade - used instead of grinding and blending my own Chipolte peppers (which have variable heat) with lime and sugar.  I use this in Hamburger meat to make Kick-ass grilled hamburgers.  The ratio is 3 oz to 2 lbs of meat.

Bisquick - can not do without it to make all kinds of things, particularly biscuits.

Cream of mushroom or celery soup - i do not make soup with it, but rather as an additive and thickener for many meals, mostly using chicken.

Instant potato flakes - this is a thickener for my potato based soups and stews (and sometimes i use it to thicken mashed potatoes that have had a mistake with liquid addition)

Filo dough - i will not spend three hours trying to make dough that thin.

Dry pasta - i have not had the courage to make my own pasta yet - maybe some day....

Most of this is amazing as i make some things that most people buy - Enchilada or taco sauce is my own.
Spice rubs are my own
tomato sauce is my own (save some times i add some Ragu to thicken it)
BBQ sauce is y own.
I grow most of my own spices (and dry them)