Monday, March 25, 2013

cooking from the heart, then missing the mark

i would say easily that all my successful dishes come from my heart.
There are times that knowledge play a big part,
but when distracted my "things",
not even my intellect can save the dish.
No recipe works and flavors fall flat.
Yes, if you read my other blogs, you can see there are many things that have caused me trouble as of late
and my food suffered.
A flounder dish was flat with little flavor, a linguine and clam sauce that had too many olives.
Even my trusted Jalapenos turned against me with variable heat - half a Jalapeno was too much, two were too little.
It was amazing, but i taking it all in stride knowing where the source was and then watching even the best chefs on TV, making simple mistakes.
I do not feel bad, but i hope things turn soon or else we will be going out to eat...