Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A new Beginning

For some time now, i have been mixing that which is my personal journey,
with that of my cooking journey.
While the two are synchronous, they are distinct parts of me.
While my other blog; "joeyK on the Environment" is still active and there will be occasional posts,
it is no longer the main direction i am heading and this blog will become my "new" direction.
Additionally, there have been a number of people trying my food, including a General Manger of a very successful restaurant, who said at least some of my food is restaurant quality.
That is enough for a new, separate blog.
So welcome and enjoy!
I am a least a bit eccentric in my cooking, but very passionate.
You will see styles for various parts of the world, all coming from my experience or background.
Texas, Southern US, Latin, Mexican, Tex-Mex, Greek, Italian, Country French and occasionally some Asian.  These are all foods i love and have experienced from good cooks and chefs!

I will be transferring my cooking blogs over to this one as time allows.