Saturday, February 20, 2016

Chicken Fried Steak

a staple of the south and southwest, but the recipe i found needed help!

§       2 to 3 pounds top sirloin steak.
§       1 egg per pound of meat, beaten
§       1/8 cup whole milk per pound of steak
§       1/4 cup milk for gravy
§       flour
§       1/4 cup water
§       black pepper to taste
§       salt to taste
§       your favorite cooking oil (but sausage grease is best)

Cut steak into 6 oz pieces
beat steak with mallet to tenderize
salt and pepper each piece of meat
whisk eggs and milk together
add black pepper and salt to flour and mix well
set up flouring station -
        1 container for the egg,
        1 for the flour
coat meat in flour, then egg wash, then flour again
fry steaks in an oiled cast iron skillet until golden brown on both sides
set aside
Whisk flour, the 1/4 cup milk and water to make the gravy
add salt to taste
serve over the steak