Sunday, August 9, 2015

Accolades for a food chemist

The Food chemist who produced the flavors in this bag of potato chips has my respect.  He nailed the flavor, COMPLETELY!
Lately there has been a huge surge in artificial or extracted flavors in foods that do not usually have these flavors and i have been very disappointed.  I run into this bag of flavor and i think this guy needs a BIG bonus and the other companies need to fire the food chemists.
Most notable fail - Nathan's sour cream and onion pretzel - I will only say it is horrible.
Another fail was Lay's Southern Biscuit and gravy.
An honorable mention goes to a crab flavored potato chip (Cape Cod possibly was the manufacturer?), but its success was only okay (probably due to the use of Old Bay Seasoning) and paled in comparison to what 7-11 accomplished.