Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rubs and seasonings

those who eat my food, know i love rubs.
This especially true for my slow cooked smoked creations, but i also use them on a hot grilled item!

So what do you want to grill quickly?
Rib Eye Steak, Hamburger, pork chops!
For steak and hamburger, i use the same mixture:
Salt, paprika, ground dried smoked peppers (i use a mixture of jalapenos, habaneros and the long green, or red chili pepper) and black pepper.
The ratio is almost 1:1, except that i skimp slightly on the dry smoked chili mixture so not to make it too hot.
All coats the meat evenly before it goes on the grill.
A quick sear on both sides on a hot grill so the inside is just medium rare (okay i do mine rare, yes even the hamburger, but i make it with either my own beef that i ground or one from a store that they ground)
Never use pre-made patties because:
1) the patty is too thin and will overcook
2) is the source of most E coli outbreaks because they are made at the packing plant
The hamburger mixture is 85% meat-15% fat.
to get a "juice factor" you can use 80% lean-20% fat, but why?  The extra fat might cause flare-ups, never a good thing.
Now if you can get it - use grass fed, organic, Angus...i recently purchased some at a favorite store (Trader Joe's) and i am hooked, but have done well with the regular hamburger.
Hot coals (with wood, always have some wood flavor)on half the grill and the other half coolish and you want to avoid flare-ups, they ruin the flavor.
If you start to have a flare-up, move your meat to the cool side of the grill until the flame is gone.

What about those pork chops i talked about?
I use a slightly different rub, similar to all the other pork rubs, but i reduce the sugar significantly.
what i normally use ratio:
3 orange zest - eliminate for quick grilling burned orange is bitter
6 raw sugar - reduce to 2
1 garlic powder - eliminate for grilling burned garlic is bitter
6 paprika
1 1/2 annote powder
6 salt
1 1/2 dry hot pepper - use the smoked pepper mixture and increase to 3
3 ginger - fresh ginger is desirable, but dry works
2 cumin - cumin is eliminated - taste bitter burned
Pork is a bit more complex and the chops should be then so the grilling is quick!

topping always make a burger, the others stand alone.
Burger toppings:
grilled jalapenos, chard, grilling onions - i like a fresh one as well.
Ice burger lettuce, red ripe tomato...i use mayonnaise, but go with what you want.
Always, ALWAYS toast the bun - i happen to like sourdough, but that is personal.
And there you have it!
My friends want me to do burgers all the time now and i have 3 engagements for memorial weekend.