Wednesday, February 26, 2014


a friend of mine recently decided all the news on Kale left her, well a bit cold.
While she believed all of the info out there on it being very healthy, she just could not eat it prepared in a simple manner.
I found some baby kale and prepared it like a Recipe Bobby flay has on the food network website and she said that was great, but complete full grown kale she had an issue with.
She had bought several packages and her compliant specifically was it was bitter, though and she felt she was eating grass.
In come my knowledge of chemistry; bitter is usually the result of a high pH (basic) or iron.
So i took one of her bags and worked it with apple cider vinegar.
Then back to food knowledge.
In the south, there are a number of very healthy, leafy vegetables which are eaten as a staple, but require extra flavor and a long cooking time.
So the kale and apple cider vinegar were reduced to a low heat and cooked for an hour.  I had to add more vinegar because the first half cup was neutralized by what ever was in the kale.  I also added some salt and extra water with 3 teaspoons olive oil and 2 cloves of minced garlic.
After an hour, i drained the liquid (but did not rinse) and let her try it.
Kale is back on her menu - the way i prepared it!